Increasing efficiency at D'Ieteren Auto

D’Ieteren has been the leading mobility player in Belgium for over 200 years. Their annual sales exceeds the €3 billion mark with more than 1.2 million vehicles driving around town.

Our challenge? Creating a tool that makes car take-overs easy but not less data-dense. A tool that fits seamlessly into the companies workflow while also reporting on its strengths and weaknesses.

Nico Bois d’Enghien
Used Car Manager

D’Ieteren Car Centers

“I would recommend Autralis because as a manager you always have a total overview of all the important parts of the inspection, up till delivery of the vehicle to the B2B or B2C market.

The remarketing of the cars is easily manageable as well, thanks to flexible KPI’s for each key moment in the process

The modularity of the tools makes it possible to adjust to the forever changing industry. The Autralis team tweaks and adapts the software to perfect the useability for each location. By using role types for each user the manager stays in control.”

Building the solution


A flexible but data-driven tool

The cornerstones for a perfect inspection.

The car inspection should always be a reliable source. With Expert for D’Ieteren Auto we created a trustworthy tool that delivers complete, data-dense inspections. Based on the VIN-number and the D’Ieteren database, we set up the cornerstones for a perfect inspection. Plus, by filling out all the available data in advance we reduced the workload for the salespeople significantly.

All in all a perfect marriage between the requirements of the sales teams, the concession managers and the vehicle distributor.

The tool is accessible via an integrated app on smartphone, tablet and on web environments.


Performance dashboards for managers

Logging company data to stay in the know.

Every click in the Autralis tools are logged and analyzed in the Grafana dashboards. This way it’s easy for managers to do the follow-up and to stay in the know of the company’s performance. With the built-in alerts system the managers are notified whenever a KPI is not met.


Publishing cars in a few clicks

Displaying cars on B2C-websites, social media and 360°-publications.

We simplified the proces of publishing cars on external and internal platforms. Using Autralis’ tools, the D’Ieteren staff publishes their cars on their preferred B2C-websites in only 3 clicks.

Furthermore, we allowed for partners to integrate their own API which enables dealers to publish cars on their personal website, social media and even on 360°-publications. All in no longer than 30 seconds.

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