Let the customer carry out an expertise and provide him with a takeover bid

With Selfcheck, you are able to trade completely contactless and your dealership will offer remote purchase prices. Covid-19 will not stop you.

I want selfcheck for my company

General information

Your client fills out the general information like make and model. We get to work with the correct mileage and a few pictures.

First a general estimate

Your customer immediately receives a target value for his car. If he would like to receive an exact offer, he will proceed to the guided inspection.

Then a binding offer

We will get to work with his description. Thanks to our experienced and extensive network, we can propose an offer with a takeover convention within a maximum of 3 days.

How does Selfcheck work?

In this video you’ll see how your client can set up an expertise himself, from home. You, as a dealer, receives all the information and asks your trader network for offers. Found an offer you like? Propose your price and the client signs the convention online.

Excited about the Selfcheck tool? 

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