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About us

We are a team of dynamic developers and designers who love what we do. We are creative puzzlers at heart and love taking on projects of many shapes and sizes.

What are we looking for?

We love our clients and the projects they bring us (seriously, we have great clients), but it’s our in-house work that sets us apart. Ideas for products come from everyone on the team or from customers. Once they generate some momentum, we’ll provide you with all the necessary project resources to get to your desired end result.

We are looking for someone who has experience working in many technologies / projects and wants to have the opportunity to join a growing team of hungry, hard-working (local) developers. If you are tired of the typical operation of a web agency and you want to join a peaceful, passionate team with limitless possibilities, then we would like to meet you.

There are no specific technology / language requirements for this role, but to date most of our projects have been designed for both web and native apps. Some of our favorite “tools” are: Python, Django, React, AntDesign, Tailwind, … but also DevOps and infrastructure is important for us, using Traefik, Redis, Postgresql and some more.

What are we offering you?

  • You’ll work in a modern office with high-end material.
  • Cosy lunch in our garden. You’ll find a sandwich bar, tea room and supermarket at walking distance. 
  • An appealing customer base:  D’Ieteren Auto – distributor of Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Groep Vereenooghe – Mercedes, Porsche Centers, Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance, …
  • Nice salary, fringe benefits, meal vouchers, mobile phone subscription, car or mobility budget, monthly net allowance, …
  • Coffee galore, of course.

Who are you going to work with?

Autralis has had a horizontal business structure from the start. That means no juniors, seniors, managers or CEOs… Just good colleagues who each have their own strengths. You will work alternately with the entire growing team.

Skills and Competencies

  • You have at least 5 year(s) of development experience using Python or a similar programming language like C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript…

  • You have a good knowledge of the following technologies: Relational databases like PostgreSQL or others, REST API, JSON and XML data formats, GIT version control, SQL syntax and queries

  • You have affinity or strong interest with projects that addresses micro services, design patterns, domain-driven design, REST, MVC, DDD and concepts (CQRS, Event Driven Design, Event Sourcing, Websockets)

  • The following knowledge/experience is a strong asset: Django, GraphQL, Linux CLI

  • Basic knowledge on Docker, OpenShift, other container management

  • Affinity with UI development (Javascript, TailwindCSS) and libraries like ReactJS, AntDesign, …

  • Besides the technical expertise you have a positive mindset and a high capacity of working independently

  • Showing initiative and being proactive doesn’t frighten you

  • You interact well with our colleagues and are eager to learn

  • You have a good knowledge of Dutch, English or French.

We offer

Nice salary, fringe benefits, meal vouchers, mobile phone subscription, car or mobility budget, monthly net allowance, …
You will work in Merelbeke, an office with high-end work materials for 2 days a week the others days are at yours best convenience.
Lunch in the sun on the terrace. You will find a sandwich shop, tearoom and supermarket within walking distance.
An imaginative customer base: D’Ieteren Auto – importer Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Groep Vereenooghe – Mercedes, Porsche Center, Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance, …
Coffee in abundance, of course.

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