Chief Operating Officer

About Autralis

We are a dynamic, digital, and innovative company based in Merelbeke near Gent.  were are responsible for developing digital solutions on which major market players operate used car and online new car sales activities. Autralis is a subsidiary of D’Ieteren and offers its services and solutions to different customers of the Belgian and European Markets.

Acting independently as a SaaS start-up with scale-up ambition growth, Autralis is led by two profiles:

  • COO (Chief Operating Officer) responsible for business development, stakeholder management, HR and financial management
  • CT&PO (Chief Technology & Product Officer) responsible for product development and continuous improvement of the tech stack

About the COO Function

To stimulate Business & Working model and to ensure efficient Business operations of Autralis, we need a strong experimented COO (Chief Operating Officer).

As COO you play a key role in the further development and growth to scale-up, as you will oversee both the strategic planning and the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring that our activities run smoothly and are aligned with our strategic objectives.

In your role as COO, you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Strategic planning: Working closely with the Strategy Board, and the Chief Technology & Product Owner (Ct&PO), you will take the lead to propose/develop and execute a strategic plan for the You will identify key opportunities, challenges and develop a roadmap for growth and success.
    Ensure that digital initiatives are fully integrated with the strategic-planning process, including leadership commitment and resource allocation.
  2. Scalability: As Autralis grows, we will need to scale our operations, and the COO helps Autralis to do that efficiently. You will develop and implement processes and systems that enable to manage growth effectively.
  3. Expertise: COO brings expertise and experience to our startup Autralis, especially in areas such as operations, finance, and management. This will help us navigate the complexities of running a business. COO typically has a wealth of operational experience in the context of a SaaS company and can help to streamline processes, optimize resources, and improve overall efficiency.
  4. Sales: COO jointly with the CT&PO are responsible for creating and implementing a sales strategy that aligns with the overall business objectives of the company.
    • He/She oversees the day-to-day operations of the sales activities, including managing the sales pipeline/backlog of Business Requirements, and tracking sales/progress metrics.
    • He/She identifies new sales opportunities, develops relationships with customers and partners, and ensures that the team (development) is meeting delivery deadline. He/She is supported by the CT&PO.
    • He/She works with other departments such as IT D’Ieteren and customer services to ensure that the sales strategy is aligned with the overall business objectives
  5. Execution: COO is responsible for executing Autralis ‘s strategy and ensuring that team are aligned with company’s goals. He/She prioritizes and focuses resources on the most critical areas of business, delivery and quality in a cost-efficient way.
    • Time management: It can be challenging to manage many responsibilities all effectively. COO facilitates the daily management of the company, by taking some of the load off the plate, allowing everyone to focus on the areas of the business where there is the most impact.
    • Team management: As Autralis grows, COO recruits and manages team, build a team to help to execute the vision, and ensure that everyone is working together effectively.
    • Excellent communication skill with a strong ability to resolve problems and mediate conflict. Problem-solving is a startup COO’s core skill
  6. Financial management: COO manages finances and ensures that Autralis stays within budget. He/She identifies together with CT&PO new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities.
  7. Investor relations (Mid to Long Term): In case we want to raise capital, COO is a significant advantage. Investors often want to see a strong management team in place, and a COO can help demonstrate that, supported by the CT&PO.

What we offer

  • Be part of the leadership team of a start-up to scale-up backed by the #1 automotive player in Belgium
  • Role with major impact on the product development roadmap
  • Important degree of responsibility and autonomy
  • Driven motivated, caring and collaborative start-up company culture
  • Attractive remuneration package, with a significant upside potential
  • Flexible working arrangements with the possibility to work remotely or from home
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